Disabled American Veterans
Simpson/Turner Chapter 27
Russellville, AR 

Chapter 27 Officers

  1. 4th Jr Vice Commander
    4th Jr Vice Commander
    Donald Harkreader
  2. Sergeant of Arms
    Sergeant of Arms
    Donald Wilkinson
  3. Adjutant
    Joy Leapheart
  4. Officer of Day
    Officer of Day
    Kenneth Slach
  5. Officers of Chapter 27
    Officers of Chapter 27
    Officers of Chapter 27
  6. Sr Vice Commander
    Sr Vice Commander
    Rex Surrette
  7. 3rd Jr Vice Commander
    3rd Jr Vice Commander
    Ron Sullivan
  8. Commander
    Harry Komprood
  9. Sr Vice Commander
    Sr Vice Commander
    Marvin Gerlach
  10. Chaplain
    Glen Heaton
  11. 2nd Jr Vice Commander
    2nd Jr Vice Commander
    Jim Bob Jackson
  12. 1st Jr Vice Commander
    1st Jr Vice Commander
    Tom Bleau

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All of our Officer's are unpaid volunteers.
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